Graphic Design \ Ondes


Photobook design for Bénédicte Blondeau, an edition XYZ Books, 2024




‘Ondes focuses on the energy waves that modulate our existences while exceeding their limits, thus escaping our ability to fully grasp them. By combining images of landscapes taken in ancient glaciers, caves or volcanic territories with visual recordings made from ultrasound waves of her own pregnancy and microscopic views of sea water drops, the artist explores the connection to where we come from and where we shall return, in a vision where everything is intertwined and in perpetual transformation, whether we are able to perceive it or not’. > link

Photographs Bénédicte Blondeau; Format 28 x 20 cm, 60 pages; Technique Offset (duotone plates and CMYK), softcover; Print run 600 copies; An edition XYZ Books