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Mozambique Book design

Book design for the photographer José Cabral. An edition XYZ Books & Associação Kulungwana


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‘José Cabral is the other master of Mozambican photography, located between the collective dynamic of photojournalism led by Ricardo Rangel and the new generation of photographers seeking international circuits. An original and irreverent master. «Moçambique» is an anthology and a documentary – It travels through José Cabral work and his Country’

Photographs José Cabral; Texts Alexandre Pomar and Drew Thompson; Format 20,5 x 16,8 cm, 176 pages; Technique Offset – Tritone and Cmyk photographs; Print run 800 copies; Bilingual PT / EN; semi-hard cover; Production Tiago Casanova and Pedro Guimarães; An edition XYZ Books and Associação Kulungwana